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#56 – Laguiole


Laguiole cheese facts:

  • The “g” in “laguiole” is pronounced as a “y”
  • Laguiole cheese is a cow’s milk hard cheese from France. It’s name originates from the village, Laguiole, which is also the source of the famous Laguiole knives.
  • Laguiole was first made by monks who lived in the Aubrac mountains and eventually taught their methods to the farmers and fromageres who lived in burons(small huts)
  • Laguiole cheese tastes sharp and sour with a¬†smooth texture. It is best eaten with light red wines or hard white wines.
  • Laguiole is renetted before it is pressed into curds. Maturing can take from four months to as long as 12 months, which can give it a very thick gold rind.
  • Laguiole earned its AOC mark in 1961 on December 21st.(I’m pretty sure most of the cheeses we’ve written about have some form of origin control we’ve just been negligent of it until now, and I’m also sure They are all really good(except Taleggio D:<sorry it tasted sooo salty))
  • I don’t know if there are any awards for this cheese because the laguiole knives are just TOO FAMOUS(information has been hard to acquire for this cheese D: )