#51- Morbier


Morbier cheese facts:

  • Morbier cheese is a mild French cows milk cheese.
  • Morbier cheese is identified by its vegetable ash mark streaking through the middle of the cheese
  • Traditionally, the evening’s fresh curds were sprinkled with ash to prevent the formation of a rind overnight. The next morning, new curds were laid upon the thin layer of ash to finish off the wheel. The wheel was then washed and rubbed by hand, forming a rind to protect the rich, creamy interior and to create a delectably stinky aroma.(http://www.artisanalcheese.com/prodinfo.asp?number=10352)
  • Morbier cheese was first made in Morez, a village on the Jura mountains in France.
  • The Morbier cheese is related to the Comte cheese but matures faster. Hence, the cheese makers on the Jura mountains would sell Morbier instead.

Schedules are hard to follow. I think we are just going to post when we feel like. Sorry D:



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