Recipe: Colby Bread

A recipe from The International Cheese Recipe Book

2 1/2 cups shredded Colby cheese

2 1/4 cups whole milk, scalded

1 pkg. active yeast

2 tsp salt

1 T vegetable shortening

5 1/2 cups white flour

1/8 cup melted butter

1/4 cup very hot water

2 T sugar

Soften the yeast in the hot water. Mix the sugar, salt and shortening together. Add scalded milk and beat until smooth. Mix in the yeast. Slowly add the remaining flour, stirring constantly until smooth. mix in the cheese to form a dough and roll briskly on a flour dusted surface. Set aside for 12 minutes. Roll the dough into a ball and then roll in a greased bowl. Cover and let rise for 45 minutes. Roll the dough on a dusted surface and divide evenly. Let rest for 7 minutes. Punch and place in loaf pans. Brush with butter and let rise for 45 minutes, or until doubled. Bake for an hour at 375 degrees.


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