#50- Wensleydale


Wensleydale cheese facts:

  • Wensleydale cheese was first made in the 1100’s by the Cistercian monks.
  • Wensleydale cheese was historically made in Wendsleydale, North Yorkshire.
  • Wensleydale cheese is traditionally made with sheep’s milk but can also be made with cow’s milk.
  • When young, Wensleydale has a milky freshness and hint of lemon not dissimilar to young Cheshire, Caerphilly or Crumbly Lancashire. As it matures so the flavours become more complex with a slightly sweet honey flavoured background. Wensleydale is a crumbly cheese but becomes firmer as it ages and in the case of the traditional cloth bound cheeses much drier.(www.britishcheese.com)
  • Wensleydale Creamery produces five types of Wensleydale cheese depending upon age and flavors – Real Yorkshire Wensleydale, Mature Wensleydale, Extra Mature Wensleydale, Blue Wensleydale and Oak Smoked Wensleydale.(www.cheese.com)
  • Wensleydale cheese is complemented very well with most red wines so long as it is not very light.

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