#46- Derby

Derby cheese facts:

  • Derby is a British cheese originally made in Longford, Derbyshire. Once, all the farmers pooled in all their milk into one batch and made Derby cheese at a large scale.
  • Derby cheese is very similar to Cheddar cheese. However, Derby cheese is somewhat softer and has high moisture. It usually is also sold younger than other cheeses.
  •  Traditional Derby matured for nine months has an open texture with smooth creamy body and a nutty flavor. It has smooth melting characteristics that pairs with everything from fresh fruits, vegetables to poultry dishes.(from cheese.com)
  • Derby goes through a cheddaring process. It ends up with a nutty buttery flavor.
  • The most common type of Derby cheese is Sage Derby. It is similar to Derby cheese, but covered with some sage, giving it a green color. Fowlers Sage Derby won the silver medal in the 2001 British Cheese awards.
  • Another type of Derby is Little Derby.It has a strong hard flavor with a buttery appearance. In 2001, it won the bronze medal in the British Cheese Awards. It is called “little” because it is made in Warwickshire and not in Derbyshire.

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