#45- Lancashire


Lancashire cheese facts:

  • Lancashire used to be one of the only cheeses people in Lancashire county in England ate.
  • The traditional way of preparing the milk is to store it overnight at room temperature, mix that mixture with the following day’s mixture, and mix it again with a third day’s mixture.
  • Lancashire cheese improves upon age.
  • Creamy Lancashire cheese is aged for approximately 4-12 weeks. It is fluffy and buttery with a rich creamy flavor.
  • Tasty Lancashire cheese is aged from 12 weeks to 24 months.
  • Crumbly Lancashire is a more recent creation and is the style of Lancashire Cheese that is better known outside of the region. Crumbly Lancashire was created around 50 years ago when Cheese Factors in Lancashire demanded a younger, less expensive cheese that could compete with competitors such as Cheshire, Caerphilly and Wensleydale.(http://www.britishcheese.com/lancashire) It is mild with a tangy flavor.

Hello cheese lovers, we’re back! Sorry we’ve been gone for so long. Unfortunately, after a few cheeses we didn’t have enough time to continue posting on a daily basis.. Now that we are back, we plan to post cheeses when we can, with a minimum of at least once a week.


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