#44- Beaufort


Beaufort cheese facts:

  • Beaufort is a cheese already existing from the Roman era.
  • Beaufort is named after a city in the French Alps.
  • The cheese smells of butter, milk and honey.
  • Beaufort is good eaten with smoked salmon. It can be a substitute for crackers.
  • It is made of cow’s milk. It’s a firm cheese and can be made as a good fondue.Beaufort is a wheel cheese.
  • One traditionally uses the Tarantaise cow for it’s milk.
  • Similar cheeses include comte, abondance, and gruyere.
  • When Roman Legionnaires marched off to battle, part of their rations were hard cheeses that were the ancestors of today’s Beaufort.(http://www.examiner.com/article/beaufort-one-of-france-s-best-cheeses)
  • The flavors of Beaufort are rich, and can range from somewhat mild (winter cheese) to rich and meaty (d’alpage). The more aged versions are more flavorful, with the aged d’alpage being the best.(http://www.examiner.com/article/beaufort-one-of-france-s-best-cheeses)

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