Abondance cheese facts:

  • Abondance cheese is made from cow’s milk. It is named after the village where it is made, Abondance in France.
  • It takes up to one hundred days to fully mature Abondance cheese. Once the cheese is fully matured, it’s originally subtle smell becomes a strong smell.
  • Even now, after centuries of local production, Abondance cheese is only made in the mountains of the Haute-Savoie and has been awarded the prestigious Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) label.
  • The wheel-shaped cheese has an amber color, inedible rind that retains the cloth marks from its production. The edge of the cheese is concave. The interior of the cheese is ivory or pale yellow in color, with occasional small holes.
  • Abondance has a fragrant, nutty aroma. The flavor is distinct and complex, slightly acidic, with a lingering aftertaste.
  • Abondance cheese dates back almost to seven hundred years ago.
  • Similar cheeses include Gruyère, Comté and Beaufort.

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