Gammelost cheese facts:

  • Gammelost is a handmade Norwegian cheese.
  • It is rarely exported to the United States because of it’s tedious methods of making.
  • Gammelost cheese translates as “old cheese” which refers to the traditional way of making it.
  • As the cheese ripens it develops rustic blue green veins that create its big, strong flavor.
  • Ripened Gammelost have blue veins that provide a strong flavor.
  • The cheese is made with cow or goat milk.
  • Every year, a Gamalost festival (Gamalostfestivalen) is held in Vik in Sogn at the advent of summer.(cheese.com)
  • The cheese is round and flat, usually about 6 inches in diameter, and from 5 to 6 inches thick. It weighs usually between 6 and 9 pounds, although some cheeses may weigh more than 25 pounds. The cheese is made by one method in Hardanger and by a slightly different method in Sogn.(http://home.centurytel.net/thechronicle/gammelusda.htm)
  • This cheese was a staple ingredient in the Norwegian diet. It was eaten with flat bread, dry meats and stockfish. This cheese is hard to find commercially.(http://www.ifood.tv/network/gammelost)
  • Gammelost goes well with dessert or gin.
  • Gammelost has a texture ranging from hard to soft depending on its aging.

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