#38-Red Leicester


Red Leicester cheese facts:

  • This cheese was formerly known as “Leicestershire cheese”
  • Red Leicester cheese origins from the 17th centuries where farmers felt the need to make their cheeses taste and and look different than the cheese of the other countries. They would dye the cheese with annatto from the husk of the fruit of the annatto tree.
  • Red Leicester cheese used to be made like a flat wheel in which size depends on how much milk was inserted
  • Red Leicester is a russet red hard pressed cheese which will be sold at anything from 3 months to 12 months of age.
  • The traditionally made wheels tend to be firmer and drier but have a friable texture and a slightly sweet mellow flavor that becomes stronger as the cheese matures.
  • The cheese can be used in many recipes such as Sweet potato shepherd’s pie with red Leicester glaze and Chargrilled steak with sweet potato, green bean ragoût and red wine sauce.(Recipes available HERE)

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