#36 – Sakura


Sakura cheese facts:

  • Sakura cheese is a soft cheese created in Hokkaidō, Japan.
  • It is creamy white, and is flavoured with mountain cherry leaves.
  • Sakura means “cherry blossom” in Japanese.
  • It has the rare distinction of winning a “gold medal” at the Mountain Cheese Olympics in Appenzell, Switzerland, which normally favors Swiss, Italian, or French cheeses almost exclusively for awards. The medal was in the “soft cheese” category.
  • It is the first  widely acclaimed Japanese cheese.
  • The Sakura cheese can be used to make the Sakura Rare Cheese Dessert. It is like a non-bake white chocolate cheesecake. The sakura jelly layer is tinted a lovely shade of pale pink with raspberry puree and then flavored with kirsch and sakura essence. (the second picture)

This information comes from: http://www.eatoutzone.com/Sakura_cheese.htm



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  1. wierdguy1 says :

    I like this post the best >o<

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