#33 – Jarlsberg

Jarlsberg cheese facts:

  • Jarlsberg is a mild, semi-soft cow’s milk cheese of Norwegian origin.
  • Created by Anders Larsen Bakke, it resembles a Swiss Emmental with distinctive, open and irregular ‘eyes’.
  • Many a times Jarlsberg is marketed as a Swiss cheese because of its characteristics, though it tends to be sweeter and stronger than Emmentaler.
  • Beneath the yellow-wax rind of Jarlsberg is a semi-firm yellow interior that is buttery, rich in texture with a mild, nutty flavor. It is an all-purpose cheese, good for cooking as well eating as a snack
  • Jarlsberg is produced in 20 lb wheels and is made from pasteurized cow’s milk.
  • The cheese is classified by the United States Food and Drug Administration as a semi-soft part skim cheese, however due to the eye formation and method of production, Jarlsberg has been classified for U.S. Customs purposes of entry into the States as a Swiss/Emmenthaler class.
  •  Jarlsberg tends to lend itself more readily to melting and is found on sandwiches, in fondues or quiches and anywhere else a semi-firm flavorful cheese might be needed.
  •  In the 1830s, Swiss cheese makers came to Norway to show Norwegian dairies how to make their classically nutty, sweet, holed cheeses. The Swiss style cheese became very popular, and was produced in large volume for several years before disappearing from the market altogether. In the 1950s, scientists at the Agricultural University of Norway became curious about the cheese and attempted to recreate it, releasing Jarlsberg in 1956 and exporting the cheese in 1961. The cheese is named for the county in Norway where it was originally made in the 1830s.

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