#31 – Canadian Cheddar

Canadian cheddar cheese facts:

  • Although Cheddar is originally a product of England, now, Canada produces some of the best cheddar in the world.
  • The climate, soil, pasture, cattle stock, and milk quality separate out superior Canadian Cheddar from the regulars.
  • Unlike other cheddars, Canadian cheddars have a smoother and creamier texture.
  • Depending on their age, the flavor, texture and aroma of a cheddar cheese can vary.
  • Cheddar is traditionally creamy white in color but due to the addition of tasteless food coloring, it often appears dyed in an orange hue.
  • The cheese can be made from raw, pasteurized or thermalized milk to retain more of the flavor-enhancing enzymes.
  • Even if cow’s milk is the most commonly used source for making the cheese, it is not uncommon to find Canadian cheddar made from sheep or goat’s milk.
  • Cheddar ripens from inside out and is classified depending on its aging time.
  • In Canada, cheddar is produced almost entirely by a number of large companies in Ontario including limited artisanal producers. Of these, the most prize winning cheddar maker in all Canada is the Balderson Cheese Company. The cheese is aged for a minimum of three months and maximum up to six years for optimal supreme quality.
  • Some popular flavors made in Canada include cranberry, dill, flax, garlic, jalapeno, olive and sun-dried tomato. Some of the common types of Canadian Cheddars are Lancashire, Double Gloucester, Wensleydale, Leicester, Derby, Cheshire, Cantal, Caerphilly and Colby.

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