#29 – Adelost

Adelost cheese facts:

  • Adelost is a Swedish blue cheese made from cow’s milk.
  • The blue-gray veins running throughout are a distinctive feature of the cheese.
  • It has sharp, salty and tangy flavour.
  • The ripening process is for two to three months.
  • The cheese comes in a drum shape with a rind of pale cream, which is lightly dotted with molds.
  • This variety of blue cheese is produced much like the well known Bleu d’Augverne cheese.
  • Encased in a natural rind dusted with molds, Adelost cheese provides a sharp, tangy flavor that makes it excellent as an addition to salads, for snacking or for serving as a dessert cheese.
  • It is categorized as a semi-soft cheese.


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