#28 – Langres

Langres cheese facts:

  • Langres is a French cow’s milk cheese that originated from the plateau of Langres in the region of the Champagne Ardenne.
  • Since 1991, the cheese has been granted AOC designation.
  • Surrounded by a white penicillium candidum rind, the central pate is a bit soft and crumbly, and appears creamy in color. It is milder than Epoisses, but slightly salty with strong smell. The firm pate melts in the mouth, leaving a complex taste.
  • Langres cheesemakers still use traditional methods to produce their cheese. During the long ripening period, the cheese is put in a very humid cellar. Langres cheese is regularly washed with an orange pigment from the Annatto tree found in America. Sometimes the cheese is also washed with a local Marc de Champagne.
  •  Its name and origin are from a town in the Haute Marne.
  • The cheese dates back to the 18th century.
  •  The form of the cheese is like a cylinder and has a 5-mm deep well on the top which is called in French the “fontaine”.
  • A red dye extracted from the rocou (seeds of the American annatto tree) is applied which gives the cheese a natural orange colour.

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