#27 – Sardo

Sardo cheese facts:

  • Sardo is a grating cheese, similar to Italian Romano.
  • The flavor of the cheese is mellow, rich and slightly salty.
  • It is produced in a small loaf, weighing, approximately 3 kilos. This gives it a high appeal because the loaf can be sold as a unit.
  • Sardo meets the U.S. Standards of Identity for cow’s milk Romano and many customers find this useful. It is a cow’s milk cheese but is less sharp than sheep’s milk Romano.
  • Some experts point out that buyers and others should not confuse sardo with a cheese called pecorino sardo that comes from Sardinia in Italy. The pecorino sardo cheese is similar, yet different, to the Argentinian variety. It is described as open-grained, with small holes, and a yellow color. Pecorino sardo is available as USDA organic cheese with a minimum percentage of butterfat. While the Argentinian cheese is a cow’s milk cheese, the pecorina sardo from Italy is a sheep’s milk cheese.

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