#26 – Raclette

Raclette cheese facts:

  • Raclette is a hard cheese made from cow’s milk having a firm texture and a pale yellow color.
  • It has a round or square shape with a smooth, pink to deep orange, slightly sticky, natural rind
  • Although the cheese has a pleasant enough flavor, it is not special until it is heated in front of a fire or under a hot grill. Then the full nutty, sweet and slightly fruity aroma intensifies and the elasticity of the melting cheese makes is truly magnificent.
  • It is used in a dish called raclette, the name derived from the French verb racler (to scrape). Also known as Valais Raclette, the generic class is Walliser.
  • It is a hard cheese with a subtle flavor, good aftertaste and firm texture. Raclette is pale yellow inside.
  • Raclette is famous for a Swiss dish, made by melting this slices over broiled potatoes.


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