#21 – Cheshire

Cheshire cheese facts:

  • Reputed to have been made since Roman times, Cheshire cheese is mentioned in the Domesday Book of the 11th century.
  • The taste and flavor of cheese develops with ripening. Young Cheshire is firm, crumbly and white in color. It is mild, milky and aromatic leaving behind a slightly tangy aftertaste on the palette.
  • As Cheshire matures so it becomes firmer in texture and slightly darker in colour. The flavours become more complex but the cheese remains clean tasting with no hint of bitterness. The crumbly texture remains but the cheese has a drier mouth feel.
  • A red vegetable dye – annatto – is sometimes added to the milk to produce “coloured” Cheshire. Despite the difference in colour the taste and texture of the cheese is the same as its white cousin.
  • By the 18th century, Cheshire was the most popular cheese on the market. Produced at an estimated 10,000 tonnes per year, it was the only cheese stocked on the ships of the British Royal Navy.

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