#14 – Roquefort

Roquefort cheese facts:

  • Roquefort was said to be a favorite of Emperor Charlemagne.
  • It is popular in France and there it is called the ‘cheese of kings and popes’.
  • Roquefort cheese is moist and breaks into little pieces easily.
  • It is made from sheep’s milk, is semi-soft, and is a blue veined cheese.
  • Roquefort is produced in big wheels which weigh around 2.5 kilograms, and which are about 10 cm thick.
  • Roquefort is aged for about five months.
  • The evidence of Roquefort was discovered in 79 A.D. when Pliny the Elder mentioned its rich aroma.
  • Roquefort is made exclusively from the milk of the red Lacaune ewes that graze on the huge plateau of Rouergue, Causses in the Aveyron.
  • A genuine Roquefort has a red sheep on the label.
  • In 1411 King Charles VI gave rights to the ageing of Roquefort to only one village: Roquefort-sur-Soulzon. Nowadays, Roquefort cheeses still mature naturally in the same caves of this village for a minimum of 4 months. As of 2003, there are seven Roquefort producers. The largest is “Roquefort Société”. “Roquefort Papillon” is also a well-known brand. The five other producers are “Carles”, “Fromageries occitannes”, “Gabriel Coullet”, “Vernières” and “Le Vieux Berger”.

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