#12 – Feta

Feta cheese facts:

  • Feta is one of the most famous Greek cheeses, occupying 70% of Greek cheese consumption.
  • The cheese is protected by EU legislations and only those cheeses manufactured in Macedonia, Thrace, Thessaly, Central Mainland Greece, the Peloponnese and Lesvos can be called ‘feta’.
  • The earliest record of feta cheese dates back to the Byzantine Empire. It has been associated closely with Crete, located in present day Greece. An Italian traveler to the city of Candia makes express mention of the curing processes in brine cellars in his writings, dated 1494.
  •  The word “feta” comes from the Italian word fetta (meaning slice). Fetta, in turn, is of Latin origin from offa (meaning bite or morsel).
  • Feta is an aged brine curd cheese, which is usually made from ewe’s or goat’s milk. It was traditionally made out of sheep milk, but is now made with goat milk or a combination of them. It is soft and creamy.
  • Feta is part of the classic Greek salad.
  • Feta cheese is usually sold packed in water or sometimes oil, since feta will dry out if removed from the water for too long, it’s a good idea to store it in the water it was packed in, or rinse it and store it in fresh water.
  • Many countries produce forms of feta cheese, including Australia, Denmark, Germany, and the United States.

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