#8 – Provolone

Provolone cheese facts:

  • Provolone originated in southern Italy, and has been made there since Roman times. However, it is currently mainly produced in northern Italy.
  • Provolone cheese has two distinct types. Provolone Dolce is aged for 2-3 months and has a pale yellowish white color and sweet taste. Provolone Piccante is aged for more than four months and has a sharper taste. In America, most Provolone is Provolone Dolce.
  • Provolone is high in calcium and protein but  is also high in sodium.
  • It is a full fat cow’s milk cheese, but also can be made from buffalo milk.
  • Provolone is semi-hard and smooth to the touch, and has a mild, smoky flavor because it is aged in a room next to an open fire.
  • Due to its mild, buttery flavor, provolone cheese is versatile and is often sliced and used for sandwiches, grated onto soups, pizza or salads, or melted into a sauce.
  • Provolone is typically light yellow in color but smoked provolone is golden brown.
  • When it is formed, it takes the shape of a small watermelon or pumpkin.

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