#7 – Colby

Colby cheese facts:

  • Colby was originally called Colby Swiss Cheddar.
  • It is often compared to cheddar cheese because they are both orange.
  • In the U.S., it is made from pasteurized cow milk because raw milk versions have short aging.
  • It was developed in 1874 by Joseph Steinwand at his cheese factory near Colby, Wisconsin. He made small changes to the cheese making process, but these were enough to create a cheese both milder and moister than cheddar. The new cheese was named “Colby” after the township and became very popular. During this time, Colby was the only natural cheese native to the U.S.
  • It is semi-hard, and its texture is firm and open. Colby is softer and milder than Cheddar because it is produced with a “washed-curd process” where cooked curd is rinsed with water. This results in a lower acid cheese, with a softer texture and higher moisture content.
  • Colby is considered one of the first “true” American cheeses because it was first produced in America and not an attempt to imitate cheeses from New England.
  • Colby cheese does not age well and tends to become dry and cracked. It should be eaten as young as possible.

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