#5 – Swiss

Swiss cheese facts:

  • Swiss cheese is the general name for many different types of cheeses.
  • It was first made in the fifteenth century in the Emmen Tal, a valley in Switzerland (naturally).
  • Some swiss cheeses have holes, which are called eyes, those that don’t are called blind.
  • It is made from cow’s milk.
  • The larger the eyes (holes), the stronger the flavor of the cheese is.
  • Most of our swiss cheese does not come from Switzerland but rather Finland, Denmark, and the U.S.
  • Swiss cheese is shipped in huge wheels, averaging 160 pounds per wheel. Cheese makers once had to pay tax based on how many cheese they were carrying, so to save money they made them into huge wheels.
  • The eyes of the swiss cheese are made by bubbles of carbon dioxide gas produced by the cheese’s starter culture.
  • It is categorized as firm, and is a pale yellow color.
  • Swiss is also a cheese known to prevent tooth decay.

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